Freeletics 10x METIS Challenge

Well, I decided today was going to be my x10 METIS challenge day. At the end of 2014 many of the free-athletes started to take things to the next level after experiencing HELLWEEKS (typically week 7 and week 15) and x10 was introduced. During Christmas week, I was flat out getting through, not only working out during the festive period, but actually completing double sessions as it was my final week, week 15 and a HELLWEEK to boot! My aim was to make time for x10 METIS and Saturday 14 February the day, along with Richard over at Freeletics London. My boy, JJ (he’s 9) had started Freeletics in the week and asked if he could join me in x2 METIS, I was happy that he wanted to get involved. The METIS workout is as follows with my official time(s).

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 20.37.10Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 20.45.45

After the first round, my heart was pumping, 9 more to go. I started to feel tired during the second METIS. Another one down, getting harder and slower, meanwhile JJ is steaming ahead. Oh how it must feel to be young and full of NRG! Third METIS and JJ continuous to support me, pushing past his initial x2 goal. Fourth METIS and I’m feeling the burn. JJ’s joining me for 5 now as he said he’s on FIRE go JJ! By my sixth METIS, I actually feel like it’s now possible to complete this challenge. With Daft Punk playing, I’m at a steady pace and with three more to go, I decide not to go above 10 minutes. I feel this is possible, ok +04:54 vs PB (which I don’t know how I achieved this, a moment of madness no doubt!). 10/10 METIS! BOOM smashed this challenge and now in the x10_club,  feeling so so good about this. Started off with minimal energy and I just grew throughout this workout. I would like to thank my boy, JJ for supporting me throughout the first x5 METIS, not bad for a 9yr old nipper. Love you boy! This picture below was the aftermath of my camping #workout mat. Time for a new one me thinks. Food, protein and water. Have a fab afternoon my Freeletcis family and remember #noexcuses and #nevergiveup.


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Freeletics Week 19 – GAIA Strength (8/10)

Oh dear! Picked up a small cold over the weekend, been flat out with work all day, ate dinner @1730 so had to wait until 1930 before I even started my workout. The temperature dropped to 2C, dark, cold and lack of energy. Still, #noexcuses tackled GAIA Strength and felt like I didn’t want to continue half way through. However, #nevergiveup is what we live by so I soldiered on, one high jump at a time. Still couldn’t master #standups, hence lack of  so out of 80 attempts, I didn’t get one. Very frustrating, so will practice these. +25:42 vs PB, a very slow time, but I made it through to the end of week 19, so week 20 here I come. I hope all you free athletes also never EVER give up. Days like these is what really makes us stand out and grow stronger, it’s just what we do. Goodnight and #trainsmart.

GAIA strength is a serious workout, especially when you’re not feeling 100%. My effort was 100% on the stand-ups, really pushed it too. I think the problem was that my legs/feet are not tucked in enough. Need to practice these man, I WILL get there, end of Feb!

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Hello free-athletes

I’ve been meaning to blog my progress since I started my ‘healthy life-style’ and fitness mission at the start of 2014. I’m 177cm (5’10) and on the 6th of January 2014, I weighed 256lb (18st4lb), drinking far too much red wine, eating far to many take-aways and not moving very much at all. I’ve always been quite active, mainly cycling my bike to work and weekends away, but as this stopped, life took over and before I knew it, I found myself buying 42 inch, waist elasticated trousers at Asda, just not my style… something had to change!

I’m now in my 57th week of my healthy lifestyle and I now weigh 173lb. Ive lost 83lb (5st13lb / 37kg – at time of writing this 3/2/15) through various actives such as running, cycling, insanity, kettlebell and freeletics. The changes I have made to my diet and exercise has been with the aim that everything I do should be sustainable. That I should enjoy the changes and be able to continue to live a healthy lifestyle without depriving myself of anything that I want. Of course, it gets easier with time, but it appears to be working. I am now wearing 30 inch skinny-jeans (there’s a first for everything!) and I’ve never felt better. I’ve found my balance of regular ‘injury-free’ exercise that I enjoy. My diet is a balanced and sustainable diet, with an overall attitude of ‘eat clean’, increase my protein intake (1gram per 1lb) and decreased carbs. I don’t follow a specific diet, but often look to the paleo way of life amongst other sources for inspiration and ideas. I watch my carb intake and try to steer clear of fast-foods and alcohol (although not completely, I’m not that boring!) I’m never hungry anymore!

I will be posting my stories and experiences here (and will try to update as regularly as I can), with a focus on Freeletics. I will post anything that is ‘healthy-lifestyle’ related that I have either done or that I am actively taking part in, with the hope to inspire a few of you to take a similar journey including apps I’ve used, programs I’ve followed, advice I’ve taken and services I’ve used. Even if I give you a few ideas and help you to think twice about whats achievable in such a short space of time, this would make me happy. I know what its like to constantly feel you should be doing something about getting fit, loosing weight, eating the rights things but just don’t have the time. Well, now it’s time to make that change. After all, 2015 is the year of #noexcuses and the saying goes #JustDoIt!

I would like to say a huge thank you to my family and friends who have supported me throughout my fitness goals in 2014 and continue to do so. I hope you enjoy my posts and always remember #noexcuses #trainsmart #nevergiveup!

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